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June 15, 2022

What Does It Indicate When Your Vacuum Condenser Is ON

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Sub Zero refrigerators are one of the ideal and trusted kitchen appliances for their quality and durability. Each appliance from Sub Zero is factory checked and tested, guaranteeing that their appliances are of good quality and will last. Although it is known to be durable, it can still be prone to some issues preventing it from working properly. A Refrigerator Repair Service Professionals will be able to assist you in fixing the appliance.

One of the repair service companies that has been trusted in North Hills regarding Sub-Zero appliances is Sub-Zero Repair Pros in North Hills. A company with expertly trained repair technicians with years of experience providing and handling different Sub Zero appliance issues and delivering a quality fix. A company that will ensure to provide you with the best experience in repairing the appliance and the peace of mind knowing that your Sub Zero appliance will be taken care of properly.

Another alternative way to fix a Sub Zero refrigerator fault is to Reset a Sub-Zero refrigerator. This will allow the unit to restart and return its original settings before an error occurs. To reset this properly, it is best to refer to your user manual for the proper steps.

Throughout the lifespan of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, you may encounter some error messages that will be displayed. One of these is when it shows the Vacuum Condenser is on or flashing. You might wonder what it means and what causes the said error message.

Whenever you notice this error message on your Sub-Zero appliance, it is due to an excessive compressor run or a possible cooling issue. The Vacuum Condenser message appears when the unit is not running efficiently or the unit’s temperature is too high. This can be possibly due to a dirty condenser, a door sealing problem, or a unit problem. You can also check this by doing the following:

  1. If the temperature is too high, contact a certified repair service to have this checked immediately. You can refer to your user manual for the ideal temperature that a Sub Zero unit must have. Do note that it is not safe to store food at a temperature greater than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Turn off the unit and clean the condenser if the temperature is near normal.
  3. Verify if there’s nothing that blocks the door which prevents it from closing properly.
  4. Turn the unit back on. This will help reset the message, and it should no longer appear.

However, if your Sub-Zero unit still shows the Vacuum Condenser, monitor the unit’s temperature, and you can contact a repair service to get it checked and fixed properly.

Sub Zero refrigerator is one of the best appliances for refrigerators. But, when it shows some issues, don't hesitate to contact Sub Zero Repair Pros to book an appointment for the repair.

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