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Quality Workmanship And Competitive Prices

Are you in search of an appliance repair service? Try Sub Zero Repair Pros, the best appliance repair service in San Diego. We have a team of technicians who are dedicated to their job and will do whatever it takes to have your appliances repaired properly.

When called to work on an appliance, our experts make sure that their work is done perfectly the first time. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance and we do not rest till it is achieved. If you have a broken appliance, do not hesitate to call us and a technician will be at your home promptly.  Sub Zero Repair Pros of San Diego has your best interest in mind.

Why choose us?

The city of San Diego counts hundreds of appliance repair companies and none compares to C. Our appliance repair service was established to supply the best appliance services at the most affordable price and today, stands out from other conventional appliance repair companies. 

Fast and Efficient Team.

Appliances never fail at a convenient time. Moreover, most of them are indispensable to the family and once they stop functioning or lose efficiency, our lives all of a sudden become difficult to bear. That is what prompted us to increase the efficiency of our technicians.  

To increase our efficiency,   we first made sure that we had the best technicians in our team. Having skilled qualified and experienced technicians help us to highly increase our productivity and efficiency. No matter the problem you will face with your appliances,  our technicians will be able to get it fixed in the shortest time.

Having our technicians prepared also has a great impact on the efficiency of their work. A well-prepared technician is one who has everything he needs to perform this task speedily and effectively. Our workers are provided with all the necessary tools and equipment that are indispensable to their job. Our inventory is regularly furnished by hour appliance manufacturing partners who also provide us with new hand genuine spare parts. So, when you call Sub-Zero Repair pros,  we send you highly trained and well-equipped technicians.

 Our experts also have service vehicles that are at your disposal every day. These vehicles help them to reach you wherever you live. These vehicles are also equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts for appliance repair. 

Honest and affordable prices

Many homeowners are reluctant to call a service appliance company because they dread how much it will cost them to get the appliances repaired. With  Sub Zero Repair Pros of San Diego, you do not have to fear exorbitant prices. Our services are among the cheapest in the state. No matter what you are trying to get repaired,  we will always have the cheapest cost for you. 

Also,  we make sure that you understand what you are paying for. That is why we have all our invoices itemized. Our invoices will have a cost breakdown for our services and No Surprises.  Before our technician performs his services,  he will diagnose what is the issue with your appliance, explain what has to be done, and inform you of the cost of repair. Only after you have agreed on the cost of repair will he perform it.  Sub Zero Repair Pros is a company that you can trust.

Customer service available 24/7

You do not decide when your appliances will break down so we stay available all day long to help you if that happens. Our customer service is always on the alert and our technicians are always ready to go.   Immediately you give us a call,  our customer service representatives do everything to have a technician but your home as soon as possible. Will provide you a same-day appointment and guarantee quick results.

 If you need an expert technician to fix your home appliances,  do not hesitate to call us at (844) 502-9934 or you can also schedule an appointment through our website. Sub Zero Repair Pros is the appliance repair company par excellence. 

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We’ve got all your needs covered: from small residential repairs, to complete replacement of your appliances.

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We do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.


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