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For all your questions regarding Sub Zero refrigeration appliances and their issues, we can help. Check these frequently asked questions by our customers to help you know more.
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Why is my refrigerator not cooling?

If you have such experience, it could mean that your condenser coils are clogged and dirty. Clogged condenser coils can result in poor air circulation, limiting the temperature your refrigerator creates. You could replace your condenser coil, especially if your unit is relatively new. Contact Sub Zero Repair Pros to help solve your issues.

What causes my refrigeration unit to freeze and leak water?

Blockage in the defrost drain can cause leaks in your refrigerator or freezer. It could be blocked by food particles, ice, or other debris, which cause your unit to work overtime. When your unit is over freezing, you might have set the temperature settings too low. Be sure to check it to prevent over freezing.

Why does my ice maker don't work?

If your Sub Zero ice maker isn't producing ice at all or is creating small ice cubes, it indicates a clog along the supply line. Frozen water is a common cause of clogs. Unplug your unit to defrost the ice and tilt it slightly and carefully to drain the water.

There is a loud noise coming from the refrigerator.

If your fridge is making a loud noise, there could be a problem with the condenser fan motor. If there's an issue with your condenser fan motor, your fridge might not be staying as cool as normal or maybe turning on and off regularly. Get it checked by an expert right away!

My freezer isn't working.

If your freezer doesn't freeze, the condenser coils are most likely filthy, reducing the freezer's overall cooling capacity. Or, if the evaporator fan motor malfunctions, it will need to be fixed right away since it's in charge of circulating the air throughout the freezer. Contact Sub Zero Repair Pros to help you!

I got water leaking from my refrigerator.

There are many causes for water leaking from the refrigerator. The most common causes are that your water may not reach the drain due to being leveled incorrectly or that the defrost drain is clogged. Clear the ice from the drain hole with a screwdriver or a piece of stiff wire.

Why does my vegetable turn frozen from the bottom drawer?

If the bottom drawer refrigerator keeps freezing, first check the temperature settings for your refrigerator. When the refrigerator temperature is set too low, cold air often settles at the bottom of the fridge. Resulting in the crisper drawer freezing vegetables before other items are affected.

What to do with a gasket seal issue and a super loud buzzing noise in my refrigeration unit?

When the coils are covered in dust, the unit will overwork itself trying to cool the inside of the appliance, thus creating a loud buzzing noise. If your gasket seal is torn or leaking, you can get it replaced to seal it shut again.

Why is my freezer not making ice?

Your water inlet valve might be blocked or have poor pressure, resulting in an insufficient water supply. A clogged water filter, kinked water line hose, or defective water inlet valve can restrict the water flowing to an ice maker. Get it checked by our professionals today!

What to do with temperature issues on my refrigeration units?

A lot of things can cause temperature issues. From dirty coils to leaking door gaskets to malfunctioning motors, it can be anything. But one thing is for certain; the thermostat is the main component that regulates temperature. If your thermostat is faulty, it would need to be replaced.
Whatever issue you face with your Sub Zero appliances, you can trust Sub Zero Repair Pros to solve any problems you have. Our Sub Zero specialists can help you get it back to optimal condition, from leaking refrigerators to warm freezers. Reach out to our service technicians today for a scheduled service.
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