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November 29, 2022

Best Appliance Repair Sub Zero With Helpful Tips For You

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What Is The Most Common Cause Of Compressor Failure?


Your refrigerator cools by cooling the refrigerant, which is done by compressors. Since replacing a compressor is very expensive, it’s crucial to look out for warning signals of failure before they become useless, leading to the need for appliance repair Sub Zero. In this article, you will learn the common causes of why your compressor fails to work at its best. Read further below to know more.


  • Low refrigerant

If the previous technician didn’t fully charge the unit or there is a leak in the lines, the unit may be low on refrigerant. The compressor will have to work harder to pump refrigerant through the pipes, eventually leading to overheating and compressor failure. A qualified expert may examine the system for leaks, patch holes, and add the proper amount of refrigerant.


  • Filthy coils

It becomes difficult for the system to dissipate heat when dirt and grime accumulate inside the unit, particularly on the condenser coil. To remove the heat, the unit must continue to run, which uses a lot of electricity. Overheating and a breakdown will eventually occur due to the pressure and temperature. Coil cleaning is a part of a planned preventative maintenance program that can stop this problem.


  • Contamination

Only refrigerant is intended to be pumped by compressors, and the compressor could malfunction if the refrigerant is contaminated by something else. Oil, air, grime, and moisture are examples of typical pollutants. These factors trigger your compressor to break down, and you will need a quality Sub zero appliance repair service.


If the causes of your compressor failure are too difficult to address, know that Sub Zero Repair Pros is here to give you help. We are trusted by many for our reliable appliance repair Sub Zero. Therefore, there is no reason for you to doubt us.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Compressor On A Refrigerator?


Compressor replacement is one of the most expensive refrigerator repairs. Refrigerator compressor expenses, including labor, can range from $250 to $650, while the cost of a replacement compressor is typically between $100 and $500. A well-maintained compressor can last up to ten years in use. However, plans for a replacement should begin around eight years of service. Efficiency declines gradually as it becomes older.

So if you have a not-so-old compressor at home, it is best to have it maintained as early as now to save you money in the long run because of appliance repair Sub Zero. For your convenience, here are the helpful cleaning tips for maintaining your refrigerator compressor.

  1. Unplug the refrigerator first – The machine’s back should never be cleaned or accessed while the electrical cord is connected. Before cleaning, always trip the circuit breaker or unplug the electricity.
  2. Provide a wider space to work – Move the refrigerator farther away from the wall to provide enough workspace. Wider working spaces reveal difficult-to-reach regions, making cleaning simpler and much more efficient.
  3. Use a damp cloth and soap – Use a wet cloth and a small amount of soap to remove the filthy buildup on the coils. Until the dirt is gone, wipe the coils. If required, use a scrubber or a brush. Never let the refrigerator’s other components get wet.
  4. Use a duster and vacuum cleaner – If the refrigerator is not located in a very humid environment, chances are good that cleaning will merely involve vacuuming the compressor’s entire inside and dusting the coils. While vacuuming, brush the duster over the coils. 
  5. Allow the compressors and coils to dry – Do not plug in the refrigerator just yet after wiping it down with a damp cloth. To guarantee that the cleaned compressor and coils function properly after cleaning, let them dry fully. 
  6. Clean regularly – Even after a thorough cleaning, dust will eventually build up again after a few months. Therefore, maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Once a year is fine, but every six months is better if pets are inside the house.

If you think your compressor does not only need cleaning, talk to our certified experts for dependable appliance repair Sub Zero. We guarantee your refrigerator and its compressor will be well taken care of by us. As a certified Sub Zero appliance repair company, you are assured of receiving the most satisfactory refrigerator repair service, beneficial for your appliance.


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