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March 10, 2022

7 Troubleshooting Tips on What to Do if Your Sub-Zero Ice Maker is Not Making Ice

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Sub-Zero is known for its quality and cutting-edge refrigeration system, including the ice maker. Having an ice maker at your own home can be a luxury. At Sub Zero Repair Pros, we know that investing in Sub Zero appliances means investing in the very best in the refrigeration system. If a Sub-Zero ice maker is not making ice, it can be upsetting knowing its high quality. Fortunately, simple repairs like changing the water filter or adjusting to the freezer temperature can often help solve the problem and restore your ice maker’s functionality.

You can try these troubleshooting tips on how to solve these common ice maker problems.

1. Sub-Zero Ice Maker is Turned Off

 If the ice maker is not producing any ice, check first if it is turned on before doing any additional troubleshooting. Most models can be turned on by pushing the “ice maker” or “ice on/off” button, which you can find on the refrigerator’s control panel. The word “ICE” or a picture of ice will be displayed whenever the ice maker is on and working. For undercounter models, ensure that the ice level arm is down to turn on the ice maker.

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2. No Ice Produced

If you notice that your Sub-Zero ice maker is not making any ice right after it was installed or turned on, it needs more time to do so. After it is turned on or newly installed, the ice maker will take 24 hours to produce a batch of ice.

3. Too High Internal Temperature

Sub-Zero recommends that the freezer temperature remains at 5 degrees Fahrenheit or less. The optimal temperature setting of the Sub-Zero freezer for ice production is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If the freezer temperature is set too high, the ice maker won’t make ice or keep it frozen in the ice bin. However, if the freezer temperature is set correctly, we suggest checking the following:

4. Dirty or damaged door seal

If the freezer door seal is dirty or it is damaged, it can cause the cold air to leak even if the freezer door is closed. While a dirty door seal can be cleaned using a damp cloth, the damaged seal needs professional replacement.

5. Dirty Condenser Coils

Improve the efficiency of your appliances in the kitchen. Call Sub-Zero Pros todayThe coils cool the refrigerant to provide the cold air for the freezer. If it is covered with dust and dirt, the refrigerant may not be cool properly, and the freezer temperature can get warm. A Sub-Zero condenser coil cleaning can help remove the dirt and restore the right temperature.

6. Dirty Sub-Zero Water Filter

If the filter is clogged with particles and impurities, the water flow can be restricted, which results in a lack of ice. It is highly recommended to change the filter at least every 6 months to prevent clogs. This will ensure that the ice maker will have a continuous supply of clean water for ice production.

7. Problem with Water Inlet

If the water pressure is too low, the water can freeze inside the ice maker water line, creating a blockage. Water to supply the ice maker will not flow through the tubes, stopping ice production. Locate the water inlet tube above the ice maker, along the freezer’s back or sidewall to fix the problem. Use a hairdryer and move it back and forth along the tube to melt the ice inside.

In some instances, the inlet tube may be working, but the water inlet valve that opens to allow the water to flow is not working. In this case, you must replace the water inlet valve.

Faulty Ice Maker

If the troubleshooting tips don’t work, this indicates that the ice maker itself may be faulty. A sign that your ice maker is repeatedly freezing, we will recommend a professional service to replace the faulty ice maker.

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