April 3, 2022

4 Reasons Why Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Is Not Cooling: How To Fix It?

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You most certainly cherish your wine collection if you purchased a wine cooler. If your Sub-Zero Wine Cooler isn’t chilling effectively, you’ll need to fix it to save the contents. Don’t waste your time searching the web for a Wine Cooler repair near mewhen you have Sub Zero Repair Pros in your area.

We’ll explain why your Sub-Zero wine cooler isn’t keeping its temperatures, such as filthy condenser coils or a broken temperature sensor. Fortunately, Sub-Zero Repair Pros in Philadelphia can help you resolve the problem. Our mission is to deliver high-quality services at a reasonable cost. In addition, our customer care team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in arranging a service call! 

As problematic as it is to discover anything unusual in an appliance, the explanations might be simple if you know where to look. In no time, this list of the most prevalent causes of a Sub-Zero Wine Cooler not chilling will have you toasting the answer.

Wine Storage Temperature Sensor Failure

The temperature sensors in the wine cooler monitor the various temperature settings for each rack. These sensors allow the wine cooler to preserve various varieties of wine at their optimal temperatures. If the sensors fail, you’ll notice a high temperature in the wine storage unit or on one particular rack.

A broken temperature sensor cannot be fixed and must be replaced by a specialist. Contact Sub Zero Repair Pros for a technician.

Defective Fan

Your wine cooler’s condenser fan draws in cold, room-temperature air and circulates it through the condenser coils to chill the refrigerant. The refrigerant used to cool the refrigerator will not reach the right temperature to complete its work without the fan. A faulty fan should be replaced by a professional as soon as possible since its failure might lead to more complex compressor problems.

Wine Cooler has Dirty Condenser Coils

One of the most common causes of a Sub-Zero wine cooler not chilling is dirty condenser coils. As the refrigerant vapor passes through these coils, it is transformed into a liquid, absorbing the heat from the refrigerator and chilling the inside. The coils will not operate correctly if they are clogged with dust and lint.

Every 6-12 months, we recommend cleaning the condenser coils with these easy steps:

  • Switch off the wine chiller and then hold down the power button.
  • Unscrew both sides of the kick plate at the bottom of the device to remove it. 
  • Get rid of dirt from the coils by using a soft bristle vacuum attachment.
  • The kick plate should be replaced.
  • Hold the power button down to restore power to the machine.

Broken Door Gasket on Wine Cooler 

A cracked or unclean door gasket might potentially be why your Sub-Zero Wine Cooler is not cold enough. This gasket keeps cold air from leaking by tight sealing the unit’s door. The gasket will not be able to effectively seal the door if it is unclean or cracked.

  • Turn off the wine chiller.
  • Scrub the gasket gently with a soft wet cloth and dish soap.
  • Remove mildew or mold by using a 1:10 bleach solution.
  • Using a mixture of water and baking soda, remove stubborn stains.
  • Rinse and dry the gasket well.

When your Sub-Zero wine cooler isn’t chilling properly, use these troubleshooting instructions as a starting point. Sub Zero Repair Pros can assist you with any Sub-Zero repair if you get stuck initially. For the best in professional service, give us a call. Contact us for wine cooler interior care and configuration information.

How To Choose A Wine Cooler?

Whether you’ve been drinking wine for a long time or are just getting started, good wine storage is critical to getting the most enjoyment out of each bottle. Wine is a delicate and unprocessed product. When wine oxidizes, its unique flavor and smell will degrade.

Here are 7 major elements to consider when choosing a wine cooler:

Bottle Capacity:

Bottles with enough capacity to hold and develop your collection.

Temperature Range:

Suitable for chilling all of your favorite wines to the perfect serving temperature.

Dual or Single Temperature Zones:

Temperature zones, either dual or single, allow temperature versatility for your collection.

Thermoelectric or Compressor Cooling: 

Keeps your wine at a constant temperature.

Outstanding Customer Service:

You receive timely answers to inquiries and problem-solving throughout the life of your device.

Wine Rack Shelves :

To ensure optimal long-term preservation, enable bottles to be kept on their sides.

Triple Pane Glass:

A well-insulated solid door to keep cool air in.

Keep all of these considerations in mind to limit your options and select the perfect mix of features for your wine cooler.

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